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Is Waist Training Safe? The Dangers of Waist Training with Corsets
February 14, 2015

It was during the Victorian era that corsets had become famous and had become a primary staple in women’s wardrobe. The reason behind the corset’s popularity is because when worn, a shapely silhouette around the waist will be achieved. Over time, corsets’ took the backseat in favor of other ways in achieving a slimmer body. Yet recently, waist training started regaining followers with its comeback. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have even joined the bandwagon of waist training.

Waist training is the process of trimming the size of the waist by wearing a corset. The aim is to have an hourglass-shaped body by lacing the corset tightly around the waist, thus, the term tight-lacing. Traditional corsets are made of cloth with steel-bones for support. The steel-bones serve as the framework of the corset, which makes cinching the waist easier.

Most people who believe in tight-lacing follow a strict regimen to make the training method effective. Strict dieting is enforced, followed by rigorous exercising that helps make the effect of waist training permanent; and it will successfully give you that hourglass-shaped body in just a matter of weeks. Which begs the question: is Waist Training Safe?

is waist training safe

Women who try tight-lacing for the first time may experience difficulty in breathing which can result to lightheadedness and even fainting. This happens because the body is not used to being cinched, and doing so only constricts the lungs. The lungs need to expand to their full extent when breathing to accommodate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, if the lungs are frequently constricted, it can result to lung problems and even lung infections.

Other risks that may come with body cinching are skin irritation and chafed skin. Irritated and chafed skin is the result of the corset’s cloth rubbing on the skin for too long. The body being bound with a corset for long hours makes it uncomfortable for the skin, and the heat and friction from the cloth make the skin sore.

Among the dangers of waist training with corsets are ribcage damage and constipation. You may notice that when wearing a corset, eating a few spoonfuls will make you feel full; so why constipation? That is because when wearing a corset, the ribcage closes around the internal organs that are moved around to accommodate the body’s new shape; thus, the internal organs have a much more limited space to move in. This makes food digestion and the metabolism slower, which results to constipation. As for the ribcage, it can be damaged by very tight corsets worn while extensive exercising. The corset, with its steel bone structure, restricts movements, and if the body exerts too much effort, it can cause damage to the ribcage, and worse, the spine.

Wearing a corset alone is not a permanent way of trimming excessive body fat. That is because when the corset is removed, the body returns to its usual and natural shape. Still, the best way to achieve a slimmer and healthier body is through exercising and a balanced diet.

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